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Okie dokie.....seems everyone has questions regarding the new is a list of common questions and their answers so you can enjoy the chatroom to the fullest

Where is the Chat Room?

Located at The Chat Tab on the left homepage in the middle is the link for the chatroom.


How do I register a Userplane ID?

Userplane ID's are user profiles that work across any Userplane Instant Webchat. To register for one, simply login to any Userplane Instant Webchat as a guest and click on the "Create Profile" button. From there you will be able to register your own Userplane ID!

What do I do if my Userplane ID Login doesn't work?

First verify that you are using your correct, registered, Userplane ID Login and respective password. Then check to make sure that you have confirmed your ID within 14 days of registration. Lastly, a Userplane ID is ONLY for use in the Userplane Instant Webchat, and not on any outside website login system - therefore it will only work in a Userplane Instant Webchat login field. Make sure you tick the Use My Userplane ID for your profile to be shown.


How do I broadcast my A/V?

In order to start broadcasting your Audio and/or Video you will need to first turn it on. To do this click on the 'A' or 'V' buttons in the 'Me' pane below the text entry area, and no that dude isnt me...


The first time you do this you will be asked to grant permission to use your Mic and Webcam. The dialog box will look like this,


After you grant permission the AV will start. You will be able to see your own feed in the 'Me' area.

How do I view somebody's A/V?

In order to view another users AV streams you will have to click on them in the room list section,


You can see who is broadcasting their AV by the icons in the 'Out' column next to a users name The A & V will be green. Similarly you can see who is watching your AV by looking at the icons in the 'Me' column, the A & V will be blue. If the user is not sending AV you will see their user picture when you click on them in the room list.

How can I stop or block someone watching my cam or listening to my audio?

To block a user you have to click on the user's name in the room list. The box will open up with their details and a choice of options. Blocking the user stops them watching or listening to you, and it also blocks you from seeing anything that user is typing. Great for abusive people if admin isnt available to ban them.

Please note, blocking a person will stop you seeing what they type, but they can still see EVERYTHING you type!

How do I create a room?

In Userplane Webchat, users and admins have the ability to create rooms. User created rooms will time out and automatically expire after a period without activity. Any user created rooms, or rooms created by admins will be deleted when the app is reloaded or when there is a restart.

To create a new room either as an Admin or a user, click on the 'New Room' button located on the 'Rooms' heading bar. From there you will be prompted for the name and description of the room. Once you have set a name and description for a room, the room will automatically be created, and you will be sent there!

How do I delete a room?

To delete a room, click on the name of the room that you wish to delete. From there you will see a toolbar with a 'Delete' button. Clicking the delete button will eliminate the room and send those in the room back to the Lobby.

Please note that only Admins and the user that created the room can delete rooms. The Lobby can not be deleted.

How do I kick a user from a room?

To kick an unwanted user out of a room, click on the user's name. In the bottom left hand of the window there will be a kick button. Click the button and the user will be kicked from the room. When a user is kicked from a room, they are immediately sent to the Lobby.

Please note that users can not be kicked from the Lobby, only banned.

How do I whisper to another user?

In the type field, type then your message straight Will you marry me? pmsl

As if honey....

How do I change my font?

Click on "style" to the left of the type field. From there you can go bold, italics and a choice of colours.

Basic Chat Room Rules:

Do not use caps, it is considered to be yelling....unless of course you are yelling, then go for it.

No spamming stupid crappy websites

No asking "anyone want to chat?" we are in a bloody chat lol

Respect the admin, it's our house our rules

Most of all have fun :)

Hoping this answers all of your questions....if you have anymore...let me know and I will answer them when I can

Enjoy! Admin - Les

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